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Strategy development for successful e-commerce solutions

Successful online shops need holistic strategies. In dynamic phases of scaling, it is particularly important to expand and adapt processes in a transparent and coordinated manner.

Initial situation

In our projects, we see the demanding challenge that good shop performance requires the complex interaction of a wide variety of disciplines: from the design of the customer journey to process optimization and data management to tool selection and content production.

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Further aspects for the integration of an individual and scalable e-commerce concept:

Initial situation

Further aspects for the integration of an individual and scalable e-commerce concept:
  • In-depth process know-how - from strategy development to operationalization and project management
  • A broad network - with system-independent partners who see themselves as pioneers
  • Practical project experience - ideally with scaling projects of different dimensions and resources
  • A holistic approach that is translated into a step-by-step model and includes all relevant interfaces and adjacent processes

Initial situation

We are happy to share our learnings from many years of B2B commerce with you in the expert webinar with Marius Hetterich!

Marius Hetterich presents our strategic approach, which is based on the learnings of numerous e-commerce projects. Followed by a discussion and Q&A session.

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Marketing webshop with interface to media logistics

Process streamlining through implementation of a marketing webshop with linked media logistics.


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