Initial situation

Initial situation

It is easy to lose track in a data generation process for publications with several hundred pages. Which pages have been checked and approved? Which still need to be revised? Which pages are still missing information from other areas, such as product management? How can the costly production of catalogues be designed to be more efficient and cost-effective? Our customer WÜRTH was also asking these questions. Careful work to avoid errors, as well as a maximum speed, are the main challenges faced by services providers in data generation today.

"Every catalogue project is individual. For WÜRTH's catalogues we have used an automated process that considerably reduces the conventional time-consuming production and manual corrections. Thus we were able to support our customer in achieving significant time and cost savings".
Nadine Dottermosch, netzwerk P GmbH

Initial situation


For WÜRTH, we automated the compilation of product information from the existing database, such that a final version of a catalogue with over 1000 pages, including a contents page, can be created within an hour. Using a script developed by netzwerk P which exports information from the database into a graphics program, print PDFs supplied by the customer are placed on the correct page in the InDesign document. This makes it possible to create a complete catalogue with virtually any number of pages within a few days with data fully supplied by the customer. The result can be printed as well as communicated digitally. We use the knowledge of our database experts and media designers to implement the creation of complex layouts in order to generate complex data accurately and at maximum speed. Thanks to additional use of our workflow solutions such as CheckFlow, we offer the ideal infrastructure to model approval processes transparently, securely and efficiently. This saves time and gives all participants a feeling of security when working on projects with large and small quantities of information.

less production effort

Initial situation


With our script, we created a flexible solution in order to export product data into layouts quickly and accurately. The largely automated process results in a significant time saving. Furthermore, the error rate is dramatically reduced, since the print PDFs are assigned automatically using an ID.

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