CHILI publisher: What matters when implementing the web editor

CHILI publisher from the Belgian company CHILI publish is currently the most powerful web editor. With it, it is possible to prepare documents and layouts in such a way that editors can easily adapt them online and without graphic skills. Here we share our tips from many years of project and implementation experience.

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What is the CHILI publisher?

CHILI documents can be edited in the editor via the browser without installing software or apps. Intelligent templates with detailed role rights management and many automation approaches serve as templates. Corporate design specifications are strictly adhered to via the templates; CI-compliant work is therefore child's play with CHILI publisher, even for inexperienced users. CHILI publisher is a powerful addition for marketing portals or web-to-publish solutions. It can be easily integrated into existing platforms and workflows. Whether print or online: Digital and print data are created in no time at all.

What can the CHILI publisher do?

CHILI publisher is strong in creating format-variable templates. Rules can be defined in the templates that influence the document to be created. For example, you can define the extent to which editors are allowed to intervene in the layout or text. Users receive smart support when filling the templates and even complex use cases and dependencies can be displayed. The editor offers extensive control elements for this purpose. CHILI also offers various interfaces to external systems (PIM, DAM, e-commerce/shop, CMR, ERP). Variable data printing (VDP) is also supported, which can be used for the production of direct mailings, for example.

What can't the CHILI publisher do?

CHILI publisher focuses on editing and creating layouts. For use in multi-level marketing/sales structures, the product must be enhanced with additional components. For example, a front end is required to manage the templates, as well as a workflow component for creation and, if necessary, coordination processes. It is also advisable to use optimized output workflows in order to output the data correctly according to the intended use and channel.

In order to enable users to create templates efficiently, the templates and drafts created also need to be managed so that they can be edited or copied. Our experience shows that the large number of functions can make working with CHILI publisher very complex without customization to the needs of the respective company and can lead to problems in implementation or correct use. This is where project experience with a wide variety of use cases helps to set up the product optimally and in the necessary dimension.

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How do we remove barriers to implementation?

We provide you with practical advice based on our expertise and focus on your individual starting point. We help you to incorporate our understanding of the possibilities of CHILI publisher into the further development of your communication media in the best possible way. We use our experience to integrate CHILI publisher into your system landscape. We help with the adaptation of processes, workflows and task areas.

We use the requirements and feedback from our customers to develop new features for CHILI publisher. These include, for example, copy functions for content across templates, the ability to share templates/best practices with other users, or mass changes in all templates used (e.g. in the case of CI changes).

With our technology we offer Relatial technology, we offer a ready-to-use web-to-publish platform with a modular structure that can be flexibly integrated into existing systems. Our solution is "CHILI ready" and can be used virtually out of the box, i.e. without any further adjustments.

How do we help customers?

There are always various ways to achieve the same goal in CHILI publisher. CHILI publisher is only as clever as the template designers in the background. We have been able to support customers from a wide range of industries and backgrounds in the use and/or implementation of CHILI publisher. Our service spectrum ranges from the implementation of ready-made solutions (marketing portal with CHILI templates and output workflows) to advice on implementation in your own framework or in-house training for template creation. Thanks to years of experience and implementations in various industries, we have a broad spectrum of best practice examples and suitable solutions for different requirements.

Relatial is a modular SaaS solution in which CHILI publisher is already implemented. The technical ecosystem extends the functionality of the editor specifically for marketing applications. Learn why Relatial is the perfect solution for contemporary marketing production and delivery.

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