Study with netzwerk P

Study with netzwerk P

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You can study or work. Or you can do both.

It may be the first important decision you have to make in your life: study or work? And the decision is not easy for you. No wonder! It sets the course for your future. But why do you think you have to choose one or the other when you can do both? Simply realize two plans at the same time: with a course of study at the Baden-Württemberg Cooperative State University (DHBW) - and practical phases at netzwerk P. Whether Bachelor or Master, whether at the DHBWs in Stuttgart, Lörrach or Heilbronn - many paths are open to you. Students take responsibility with us right from the start and we take responsibility for our students. And we have been doing so for over 15 years!

Our current and former dual students will support you in your decision for a dual study program!

This is how the dual study program is structured at our company:

You alternate between theoretical and practical phases every 3 months

You will be provided with a mentor and receive extensive onboarding

You get involved in projects right from the start, depending on where your interests lie

You will be released by us for your studies and theses and we will support you in finding topics

We do our best to convince you to stay with us even after you have finished your studies

What is the study process at netzwerk P ?

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"The studies usually start with the theory phase, so I did a 4-week internship at netzwerk P before I started. In the theory phases, you concentrate fully on your studies. In the practical phases, you're free to decide which topics interest you and which projects you want to get involved in."


With with short hair and beard laughs
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What surprised you

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"I was allowed to contribute 100% right from the start. I would never have thought that netzwerk P would trust me so much."


Does a dual study program leave any time at all for private life and hobbies?

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"Of course, the practical and theoretical phases always alternate. In the theory phases you lead a 100% student life and in the practical phases you are an employee. The great thing is the variety. I can also write my bachelor's thesis at netzwerk P during working hours."


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Your dual study program -
our benefits:

Our benefits

Time off for the seminar and final papers

Participation in team events

Flexible working hours and remote work

Travel expenses covered in the amount of the current price for a student ticket

Visit week at the Berlin office

Responsibility from the start

Free drinks in the office

Company pension plan, also already for students

Benefits? For students?

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"As a student, I benefit above all from the flexible working hours and that I can work in my home office whenever I want. And apart from that, of course, it's great that I earn money throughout my studies."


And after the

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"I'm super happy I was able to stay at netzwerk P after graduation."


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Our range of studies,
your decision

Business Administration - Digital Business Management

Do you want to drive digital transformation processes in companies later on? Then the degree program "Business Administration - Digital Business Management" is just right for you. In addition to the typical business management content, you will also learn basic IT skills and develop an understanding of the digitalization of the economy. The DHBW offers the program at the Stuttgart and Lörrach locations.

Data Science and Artificial Intelligence*

Are you as fascinated by chatbots, algorithms and data-based technologies as we are? Then why not study "Data Science and Artificial Intelligence" and learn how AI will change our world in the future. Be one of the first when the program starts in October 2023 at the DHBW in Lörrach (*subject to accreditation). And make a decision for the future!

Business Administration - Digital Commerce Management

Everyone is familiar with this: Why buy an item from a brick-and-mortar store when you can get it quickly and more cheaply online? Digitization is changing commerce. In the degree program "Business Administration - Digital Commerce Management" at DHBW Heilbronn, you will learn not only the typical business administration content, but also how to understand and use new IT technologies for retail.

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