Work at netzwerk P

Work at netzwerk P

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Because work is not the most important thing

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have an employer who knows there are other things in your life besides work? An employer who cares as much about friends, free time and family as you do. An employer who doesn't make you work a hundred hours of overtime and who doesn't ask you if you've taken half a day off when you get off work at 5 p.m.. With whom you can be there for your sick child when it needs you. An employer who trusts you and lets you decide for yourself how you work. An employer who wants you to be happy! Sounds nice? It is!

Let our colleagues tell you why it makes them happy to be at netzwerk P .

Open positions

Unfortunately, there are currently no open positions. We are looking forward to getting to know you anyway!

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"What makes me happy? Enjoying the sun outside, no matter what time of day it is!"


"What makes me happy? That I don't miss any more of my son's school plays!"


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Make you happy.
Our benefits:

30 days vacation

10 additional fully paid child sick days

Cost absorption of your monthly ticket

Flexible working hours

Remote work, as much or as little as you want

Company pension plan

No hierarchies

20 percent of your working time for further training

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"What makes me happy? Taking responsibility and making decisions without having to ask a superior for permission!"


"What makes me happy? That there is always an open ear for worries and needs."


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Also important:
your questions!

Can I work from home at netzwerk P ?

Yes, decide freely and every day anew where you want to work. There's a workstation ready for you in the office. Or you may prefer the comfort of your couch at home. Or maybe you're visiting your parents in France for a few days and don't want to take a vacation. No problem. You don't have to come to the office to work or for meetings.

I have private appointments during the week - how flexible are you with work hours?

Super flexible. Just work when YOU want to. Don't miss yoga class in the morning or your kid's daycare party in the afternoon because of work. As long as you attend appointments and coordinate with your teams, you have all the freedom you need when it comes to working hours.  

What are my responsibilities?

We want you to use your skills where your strengths and interests lie. Therefore, your area of responsibility is flexible. You don't just work on one project or for one customer. You can also use 20 percent of your working time for further development and training.

What exchange formats do you have?

Some. So that we don't lose sight of each other and always know what's happening outside our own project cosmos!

All colleagues take part in our weekly "Weekly". Here you can find out news about projects, clients and internal stuff.

In our Wednesday format "It's Wednesday" we combine the pleasant with the useful: Cold drinks and snacks with presentations on topics from the netzwerk P world or current affairs from marketing.

With "nP inside" and "nP talk" we have two exchange formats where you can learn more about your colleagues. And of course, all project teams also meet regularly in their own stand-ups to exchange ideas.

You have no hierarchies? And that works?

Yes, that works very well. Because let's be honest: The decisions that a team leader elsewhere makes about your work, you can make yourself much better. After all, you're the expert in your field. But don't worry, you're not on your own! You have a team around you that supports you at all times. Our model: no hierarchies - no titles - responsibility for each individual.

Your offices are in Stuttgart and Berlin - do the two offices sometimes work together on projects?

Yes, they all work together on projects. Regardless of whether they are sitting in the office in Berlin or Stuttgart or in their home office in the Black Forest. The organization via tools like MS Teams makes it possible.

No hierarchies, flexible working hours & location-independent working - how do I keep an overview?

Quite simply, nothing works without transparency and exchange! Formats like our weekly "Weekly" help us keep track of what is happening in the other areas. Tools like MS Teams also promote exchange and simplify organization in the projects.

Do you have team events?

Yes. At least once a year we have a big summer or Christmas party. On Wednesday afternoons, we listen to presentations by colleagues - with snacks and drinks. In general, you'll always find cold drinks and ice in the fridge. Why not initiate a spontaneous get-together at the foosball table or a games evening yourself? Other team events include joint lunches or billiards evenings.

How diverse is your team?

We welcome everyone. Your nationality, sexual orientation, religion, age, gender or sex do not matter to us.

How do I apply?

It's very simple: Send us your resume by e-mail. That's enough for now. We will then get to know you better in an interview. You still want to show us more about yourself with a cover letter? That's fine! You want to convince us directly with your work samples? Just send them to us!

What happens after the application is received?

We think short waiting times are good. After all, we are also applying to you and don't want to keep you waiting. That's why we usually get back to you quickly after receiving your application with feedback or invite you directly to an interview online or on site.

Will I get a detailed induction?

Of course! Even before your time at netzwerk P starts, we invite you to drop by. For example, to a team event. Here we lay the foundation for your integration into the team. At the start of your active time, you will receive extensive onboarding. Your colleagues will show you how and what they are working on. You'll find out what's important to you and gain an insight into all areas. We will draw up a plan for the first two weeks of onboarding. After that, you can decide for yourself when to complete the rest of the onboarding program.

Margit Zehner Personnel
Margit Zehner, Personnel

I look forward to meeting you and answering your questions.