Digital signage: More attention with displays

At bus and train stops, in store windows and stores, or in the back of a cab - each of us has had contact with digital signage. In this article you will get the most important information about the format, the goals and the effectiveness. You'll also find practical examples and the opportunity to talk to our experts.

What is digital signage?

Digital signage is the combination of hardware and software components for playing digital information (content) such as audio, video and images on displays. Digital signage systems function stand-alone, but are usually used in multiple versions and are networked with each other. With the help of content management systems (CMS), the digital content is manually or automatically imported or updated and output on a display.

Digital signage goals

Digital signage goals

Digital signage comes in many forms and pursues a wide variety of goals:

  • Inspiration, Information, Image
  • Sales promotion, incentive for the purchase decision
  • Advertising, brand communication
  • Orientation, guidance
  • Consulting, assistance
  • Entertainment

Humans trust their basic instincts and react accordingly. If the eye registers a movement, we follow it. The attention is aroused. This makes moving images ideal for digital signage content. Once attention has been gained, the viewer can be addressed through an appealing design and specifically positioned content. This, together with flexibly controlled content adapted to target groups, makes digital signage a powerful, modern communication channel.

As an extension from the physical touchpoint to the digital world , there is no getting around this communication channel. On the smartphone, for example, a similar effect cannot be achieved because the screen is too small and the smartphone is not suitable for all applications.

Through the individual control of target group-specific content across all locations, digital signage can link to all existing and future touchpoints. Content does not necessarily have to be newly created for this channel, but merely prepared.

A content strategy is indispensable for successful implementation (which content should be played out where and when). This also applies to other existing or future communication channels.

What do I need for a digital signage installation?


Screens, kiosk systems, network components, mounts, etc.

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Procurement of all required components with consideration of compatibility


From site selection to construction

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Communication of screens with the content management system, e.g. Wi-Fi , mobile etc.

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The continuous creation and/or procurement of current and relevant content (content strategy)

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Control of the content and/or devices

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Support and service

Content input, creation of program flows, etc. Hosting internally as well as externally possible

Why is the use of digital signage worthwhile?

Digital signage works! By measuring visual contacts or registering acoustic stimuli, the success of a digital signage measure can be ascertained. A study from 2015 showed that 83 percent of respondents had perceived the display of advertising on the digital displays and 50 percent had found them informative.

Looking exclusively at the effect of digital signage at the point of sale, even higher values were found in perception and information. 82 percent made visual contact with the digital POS advertising and of these, 57 percent showed interest in buying the product.

Advantages of digital signage at a glance

Plays out messages in real time based on location, context and target group (sensor technology)

Central playout with controllable depth of information

Infotainment/Gamification (90% higher recall rate due to interaction with digital signage content).

Intuitive interaction

Modern communication channel - future-proof solution


Provides interfaces to databases of any type

Long-distance effect depending on the size of the display and positioning

Influence on purchase decision (70 % of all purchase decisions are first made at the POS)

Connects online and offline world

50 % of users trust "out of home" content more than other media

Success control/measurability

Collection of user data possible (DSGVO compliant)

No high resource expenditure for maintenance/updating necessary

Integration of marketing actions also possible at short notice

User-friendly software allows control even without a third party

Simple language adaptation possible

Link to other channels (website, social media, planning tool, virtual showroom, AR application, etc.)

QR codes allow the customer to easily get the info they need on their smartphone

High degree of attention due to topicality & interactivity

Worldwide networking

Cost effective operation

Integration of existing systems

Use of already existing content

Application example of digital signage for data collection

Probably the most common use case is in retail.

For the opening of a new store, for example, the aim is to achieve greater attention and interaction with customers by playing content based on interaction. In other words, information is played on the exact product you are holding in your hands at the moment.

In addition to the highly targeted playout of content on the display, data is generated from customer interaction on site - e.g. how often which product was viewed. This is made possible by linking digital signage systems and sensor technology.

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The result is eye-catching digital signage solutions that offer real added value for a wide range of applications. Whether sales promotion or entertainment: the multimedia content can be played out based on location, context and target group, so that visitors, customers or employees are provided with the right information - in real time.

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