Organizational development

In a fast-moving world, companies must continue to develop in order not to lose touch. Organizational development helps to position your company well for the future - and to keep it competitive.

What is organizational development and what are its goals?

Organizational development is the term used to describe a strategy for bringing about systematic and planned change in a company. Which areas the change affects depends on the specific circumstances in your company and is very diverse and individual. Examples of organizational development can be, for example:

  • Change processes and structures so that they promote innovation
  • Addressing digitization efforts and other technological changes
  • Restructure responsibilities
  • Reorganize marketing and sales processes
  • Redesigning work models (e.g., New Work) and exploring new ways to retain employees
  • Change communication processes within the organization
  • and, and, and.

The overarching goal of organizational development is to make your company more effective and efficient. This is the only way it can survive on the market and in the face of ever-increasing competition. This also includes subordinate goals such as becoming more attractive to employees or improving the customer experience.

Why is organizational development worthwhile?

"Stagnation is death", "Stagnation is regression", "Those who stand still will eventually be overtaken by the last" - you've probably heard one of these sayings before. These images show very well how important it is that your company does not stand still, but is always evolving. Only a company that is open to change can hold its own in a changing world. With organizational development, you optimize your processes and structures. You promote the exchange of ideas among employees. You create working models that attract qualified specialists. You automate processes and make them more efficient. You save time and money. Organizational development pays off at all levels.

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