Advertising logistics & fulfillment: from webshop to delivery

Today, sustainable advertising materials logistics is an all-round package of digitization, automation and data-based process optimization. Find out here what opportunities this offers companies and how you can exploit the full potential of your company's advertising materials logistics.

Advertising logistics and fulfilment - an overview

In addition to pure advertising materials logistics, i.e. warehousing and order processing, it is worthwhile for companies to take a look at what is known as fulfillment. "Fulfillment" - translated: fulfillment - in the case of advertising materials logistics means the fulfillment of further or all needs and tasks of companies that are closely linked to logistics. This includes, for example, activities such as address management, invoicing or returns processing. In addition, there are requirements from marketing departments: How do I keep track of everything? When do I need to replenish production? Which advertising materials are actually in demand by the retailer and are they worthwhile? A whole portfolio of questions, the solutions to which represent a challenge for companies in all their complexity, which they are often unable to solve on their own.

Many companies therefore want a fulfilment service provider who not only takes care of the entire order processing from the moment the order is placed, but also keeps an eye on all other issues and tasks of advertising material logistics. This also includes services such as the provision of a B2B online shop and reporting including analysis of the order history and warehouse data as well as the associated recommendations for action to adjust productions. Tracking of orders is just as possible as interfaces to the company's own systems, which enable those responsible to place, monitor and evaluate orders easily and without obstacles. A logistical all-round package to ensure that the right advertising materials are in the right place at the right time and in the right quantity.

Fullfillment Center Warehouse Logistics

Possible fulfillment services in modern advertising material logistics

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Provision and operation of a B2B web store and an interface to the company's own systems

Data-driven logistics: real-time data access and data-based recommendations for action to adapt further productions
(e.g. evaluations of order history)

Early warning system when the minimum stock of an advertising medium has been fallen short of

Tracking of orders by the ordering party or responsible person

Advice on packaging, timing, composition, branding, packing and order picking for shipping campaigns

Monitoring the schedule for dispatch

Specialization in promotional and exhibition items and event equipment

Special shipping actions such as separate wrapping or enclosing cover letters

Aim of fulfillment and
modern advertising material logistics

The aim is to create a continuously learning system that uses data collection and evaluation to consistently optimise processes and thus lead to efficient advertising material logistics.

11 good reasons for fulfilment and modern and digitalised advertising material logistics

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  1. More effective planning of advertising materials and campaigns

    The smart evaluation of data serves as the basis for recommendations for action, new developments, and post-production, as well as an aid to decision-making for or against an advertising material. Data-driven logistics provides an end-to-end database from production to delivery. For example, data from search queries in the advertising materials store can identify desired articles in the future or packaging can be efficiently tailored to the logistics process already during production.
  2. One contact for everything

    Sensible linking of the ordering process, logistics and shipping, and other fulfillment services in a fulfillment center. The coordination effort is reduced because individual contacts such as warehousing or transport service providers are eliminated - the entire service and fulfillment process is in one hand.
  3. Scalability

    Customizable, individual solutions for the respective requirements of the companies and their promotional items. Data transfer between the fulfillment center and the company is ensured by a sensible linking of the IT solutions via interfaces.
  4. Long-term cost savings

    The constantly growing database provides the information needed for an optimized production and logistics process, for example transport costs can be saved.
  5. Time savings

    Short paths through digital and automated solutions.

How do we implement advertising material logistics and fulfilment?

From process design to process automation and data analytics, our customers' marketing campaigns incorporate the lessons learned from 20 years as a media service provider, and we closely align our processes to the challenges of modern advertising media management. Among other things, our own logistics platform can be linked modularly with our customers' systems (e.g. store or ERP systems). This allows efficiency potential to be fully exploited.

Our experts support companies in process design and optimization and accompany the process from production to aftercare. We also offer advertising materials logistics as a single module, but specialize in a comprehensive full-service offering that smartly and profitably complements advertising materials logistics, particularly with data-driven logistics or the provision of a web store. Our solutions are individually scalable and flexible, depending on the needs of our customers.

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