What is mobile marketing?

Mobile marketing is the addressing of users via mobile devices. Due to the increasing use of smartphones and tablets, marketing and advertising are also focusing on this format.

According to the mobile-first approach, websites are set up specifically for access via mobile devices. Advertising banners are also specially adapted for this format and vouchers or promotions are sent to consumers via SMS or e-mail. Increasingly, Wallet is now also being used as a channel for targeting.

A user operates his smartphone.
Wallet app on the smartphone.

What is Mobile Wallet?

Wallet apps are apps that store digital cards such as admission tickets, vouchers, loyalty cards or boarding passes and means of payment such as credit cards. The best-known wallet apps that also enable payment transactions are Apple Wallet and Google Pay. This allows users to pay directly at the checkout via their smartphone.

  • Apple Wallet is Apple's native wallet solution that is pre-installed on all iOS devices.
  • Google Wal let is Google's wallet solution for cards and mobile payments. Unlike Apple Wallet, Google Pay is not preinstalled on most Android devices and only supports time- and location-based push notifications.
  • PassWallet is the most widely used third-party app for Android devices. The app can display cards comparable to Apple Wallet and supports push notifications.

Functions at a glance

Push Notification & Updates

Push Notifications & Updates

Easily send new messages via notifications or SMS to inform users about Special Offers and current changes to their Wallet card.
Location and time-based notifications

Location and time-based notifications

Sending messages, including advertising messages, to users' lock screens based on their location or the time of day.
other functions

Goals of Mobile Wallet Marketing

First of all, one essential goal is pursued: to make information easily and quickly accessible. With the help of further functions, the user experience can be improved even further. For example, by dynamically maintaining the maps, up-to-date information can always be provided. A larger amount of information and links can be made available to users on the back of the map. In addition, they can be reminded by push notifications, which are also displayed on the lock screen based on location and time.

However, themost important goal remains the functionality of the card itself. Simplified access to an event, direct redemption of discounts and coupons or collection of loyalty points by validating or scanning the code on the front of the card.

Back of a Wallet Card

Why is mobile wallet marketing worthwhile?

More than two-thirds of customers have not downloaded a brand's mobile app. Wallet cards are the perfect complement to re-engage with and gather insights about customers who do not have the brand app. Mobile wallets are available on all Apple and Android phones as part of the operating system and do not require an app download -
52% of smartphone users do not download new apps each month.

2.3 billion smartphone users have downloaded a wallet pass and this is predicted to exceed 4 billion by 2024. Wallet card downloads have a higher retention rate than app downloads - 93% of downloaded mobile wallets are never deleted, while up to 61% of apps are deleted at some point.

Customers are already using mobile wallet - 54 % of respondents have already used a mobile wallet card in one form or another. Mobile Wallet is one of the most important means to inform about promotions and offers - 57 % of Millennials want to be digitally informed about offers, sales and vouchers via Mobile Wallet (email is at 63 %).

Application example of mobile wallet marketing

For example, the customer journey for a customer could be supplemented by Wallet: As part of a new product launch by a company, a discount is offered to customers who have downloaded a Wallet card. For the personalised discount, customer data is requested and leads are generated. Customers are reminded near branches to redeem the discount. Time-based reminders are also sent before the offer expires.

Customers redeem the discount and the card is converted into a loyalty card. They now receive relevant information about the brand and product and are digitally kept up to date about further offers.

With the help of the information on the back of the card, customers can quickly and easily find out more. This gives them access to product information, product videos, social media channels or their local retailer.

Customer validates his wallet card

What is the best way to implement a mobile wallet marketing campaign?

3 steps to a successful wallet campaign - our proven go-to-market process:

Our conclusion

Mobile wallet marketing can help to achieve one's own communication goals even more effectively and efficiently. The smartphone as a touchpoint, which moves permanently with the user, is moving closer and closer to the focus of advertisers, as the scatter loss is greatly reduced.

As with every measure, however, the most important thing is never to lose sight of the customers and their needs. Only if there is real added value for the user that goes beyond the convenience of the technology itself is the use of Wallet recommended.

Sounds complicated? netzwerk P can guide you safely to your goal with its expertise in the use of Wallet.

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Is your marketing as mobile as your customers?

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