About nP | Values

Common values – The compass that guides our everyday work

Every day, we make many decisions in an environment with dynamic projects and rapidly changing challenges. This makes it all the more important to have a common operational framework that provides colleagues, clients and partners with guidance. Our values are binding guiding principles for our conduct, actions and direction, not only for each individual operational decision, but also for our vision as a company and our strategic approach to transformation. These aren't just pretty words. It's about identification, trust and security. These brand and company values are a powerful and motivating guiding light for our work, inside and out. Our values aren't set in stone – they develop, evolve, are substantiated, come to life and change from within the company as a whole. Our goal is to create a culture characterised by inspiration, curiosity, courage, versatility and a sense of personal responsibility, so that potential opens up, cooperation is fun, and our clients gain new added value from change understood in positive terms.


Consulting needs courage, openness and an honest opinion – often discussion and clear boundaries too. It is our job to question things – at the end of the day, we want to find the best solution to your challenges.


We work on an equal footing together with our clients and partners. People at netzwerk are not attention seekers, but are engaged pilots of change, both for you and for us. Always appreciative, respectful and collaborative.


We don't just talk about it; we see ourselves as people who make things possible. With fixed targets and quantifiable success. Our customers value the fact that we are happy to take on responsibility for the performance of our projects – capably and confidently.

"We are connected with our customers and employees through appreciation, trust and knowledge of the values that unite us."
Claudia Berkenhoff, netzwerk P GmbH partner
About nP | Identity

Flexibility needs focus – Our answer to dynamic markets

Whether we're digitalising local trade in a smart way or rolling out an international content marketing platform, we support customers from small- and medium-sized enterprises and corporations as a strategic partner, problem solver and process designer. With timely and scalable solutions for a successful customer experience, online and offline, B2C and B2B. In doing so, we rely on data-driven marketing communication, intelligent IT systems and consistent process automation. Quantifiable and sustainable.

We therefore work with our customers to develop concepts for modern marketing communication that allows maximum flexibility, but always has clear objectives. "Find the best possible solution for every customer and put it reliably into practice!" – This is the defining DNA of netzwerk P.

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from left to right: Frank Rayker, Jens Leven, Claudia Berkenhoff, Thomas Bausch

This is made possible by our team of more than 70 experienced specialists and decision-makers in Berlin and Stuttgart, who turn current challenges into opportunities with vision and courage – both for us and our customers. Together with Jens Leven and Thomas Bausch – two long-term employees who have already successfully planned and overseen netzwerk P's transformation to an agile organisation – you as management, along with Claudia Berkenhoff and Frank Rayker, will be part of an experienced leadership quartet that is best equipped for the tasks of the future.

"Our motto: Find the perfect trio of system, process and people!"
Jens Leven, Managing Director, netzwerk P GmbH
About nP | Innovation

Innovation – Our day-to-day business

Anticipating trends – and in the best case, being an active part of them – is becoming a decisive factor for success. This is not only about creativity and inventiveness, but much more about the ability to filter ideas strategically, assessing them and getting them on the road quickly.Successful innovation management creates parameters that empower employees to transform ideas, knowledge and technologies into market-relevant innovations.

With this holistic approach, we support our customers in creating efficient innovation management systems – not only for communications and marketing solutions, but also for digitising processes and developing smart services and new business models. We provide consulting, analyse data, select techniques for ideas and validation, introduce technical tools and support production up to a successful market launch. With us, the rights ideas become reality.