Initial situation

Initial situation

The new Actros is the most recent model Mercedes-Benz Trucks presented in its vehicle range. Mercedes-Benz Trucks wanted the marketing measures to introduce the innovative features of the new Actros, thereby appealing to customers, drivers and interested parties. Existing video content as well as new features and information about Mercedes-Benz Trucks is to be made available. netzwerk P has examined the project in detail within the scope of the requirements and target analysis, and has developed an innovative approach. For us, traditional content distribution via a physical data carrier was not suitable for analytical and cost reasons. Being able to measure the relevance of video content, as well as provide interested persons with new features and information about Mercedes-Benz Trucks would not have been feasible at any point. Interested persons would have had to request information themselves. Active communication on the part of the brand towards the target group is always paramount in our analyses.

Initial situation


netzwerk P is providing a holistic solution with digital as well as analogue touch points using [nP]pocket and [nP]analytics. Tracking touch points as well as click-through rates and bounce rates for video content facilitates detailed analysis throughout the entire customer journey. Using the data gathered, future marketing measures can be perfectly tailored to the target group. Moreover, both active and inactive users can be targeted directly by using push notifications and can be reactivated. The Mercedes-Benz Trucks Ticket (Wallet) provides an easy option to share the content via QR code or e-mail. Providing the content digitally means that the content can be continuously updated and optimised so that all participants are always up to speed. Currently, the Mercedes-Benz Trucks Ticket provides information about the innovative product features of the new Actros. In the future, further benefits will follow, such as invitations to regional topics and events, as well as various opportunities to benefit from offers.

netzwerk P is responsible for the conception and full implementation of this project, starting with the creation of the ticket to programming the microsite and producing advertising materials. Content editing as well as further development of the Mercedes-Benz Trucks Ticket will be managed by netzwerk P. An international roll-out of the Mercedes-Benz Ticket, based on the national ticket, is planned for the markets this year.

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Initial situation


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