Initial situation

Initial situation

Our customer STIHL heralded the start of a new era in chainsaw technology with the MS 500i. The launch of the chainsaw, the first of its kind in the world with electrically controlled injection, created high demand among its customers. The desire to test this new kind of saw is correspondingly great. The challenge here is therefore to relieve the pressure of demand for availability on the dealer network, and to keep customers in the loop on a daily basis.

"By bringing in netzwerk P and thanks to results-oriented, collaborative cooperation, we have made great strides in the digital transformation of our data landscape for marketing and sales. With netzwerk P, we've found a partner who develops appropriate and practical solutions together with us for all issues regarding marketing and business communications – always with a view to scalable and promising solutions."
Andreas Epple, Head of Marketing and Sales, STIHL

Initial situation


Dealers are provided with a limited number of test devices and a corresponding display for the products. Communication with these displays is augmented with a QR code (Quick Response Code) and therefore digitally extended. Using the QR code, the user is directed to the landing page quickly and easily. The majority of users use the QR code scanner integrated in their smartphone camera. On the landing page, the user receives the offer to save the MS 500i InfoTicket, which can be added to the preinstalled Wallet app.

Roll-outs in branches
Activated InfoTickets in two weeks
Jump-off rate

Initial situation


Using the STIHL MS 500i InfoTicket, the user receives additional information (including a link to the product film and brochure on the back of the card) and opens up a channel to receive push notifications by saving the ticket. In this way, content that is updated daily (content can be adjusted dynamically without the user noticing) can be provided and information on the availability of the chainsaws across Germany can be sent to the smartphone via a push notification. Information is made available digitally (sustainability), reduces pressure on the dealers (resource conservation) and provides the user with targeting information in the most convenient way (convenience). Our experts were responsible both for providing the solution and integrating it seamlessly into the customer journey. What's more, existing content was prepared according to the channel and transferred to the InfoTicket very quickly. Beyond the product launch, netzwerk P was also responsible for maintaining and evaluating the new touch points.

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