Initial situation

Initial situation

Car dealerships, dealers and service companies around 1,700 in number, are supplied with advertising materials and accessories from 29 different departments throughout Germany. In addition to the entire handling of the logistics process, a central platform was needed in the form of an online shop where all users can centrally order their advertising materials. It was important that the companies were only shown the articles and information that were relevant for them, depending on the user and location. The usability of the previous system was to be increased and continuous improvements were to be made on the basis of data. For the storage and dispatch of the articles, new storage areas and adapted processes were needed to ensure the smoothest possible storage and dispatch. In addition to small orders arriving daily, many special cases had to be considered, from large shipments to the rental of an exit game room. In order to optimise transparency, a dashboard solution was to be created for all departments so that derivations from the ordering behaviour could be used and thus services for the businesses could be improved and expanded.

Initial situation


A complex rights-role concept in the central advertising shop makes it possible for information to be maintained centrally but displayed on a user-specific basis. This means that each user only sees the content that is relevant to them. During the 6-month implementation period, the wishes and individual requirements of the departments were collected and realised in order to keep the user experience as individual as possible. Nevertheless, attention was paid to the greatest possible standardisation in order to be able to optimally use future economies of scale. Due to the centralisation of the contact persons, synergies can be optimally used and shipments can be better planned and processed. Dashboards, which are filled with the relevant data for each department, enable anomalies to be quickly recognised and immediate action to be taken.

Rising user and order numbers show that the platform is being used more and more. Evaluations in Google Analytics, automated dashboards and standardised processes now optimally support continuous improvement. By bundling logistics, it was possible to achieve not only faster order processing, but also a reduction in expenses on the service provider and customer side. Both the logistics itself as well as the product range and the web shop now form the foundation on which sustainable support for dealers is built. Additions such as the centralisation of support via digital platforms enable ever faster response times and the perfect supply of the specialist departments and the dealers with the required information.

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Initial situation


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