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The MarTech landscape is growing rapidly and has become unmanageable. It feels like new marketing tools are added every day. It's not easy to keep track of them all. The danger of making the wrong investment is great. But how do you find exactly the right tool for your company and your employees? And one that will really help you get ahead. Read our article to find out how MarTech consulting can help you choose the right technologies. And how important it is to have a neutral, independent partner.

What exactly is MarTech?

MarTech, or marketing technology, are tools that make your life easier in marketing. They do this by automating processes and digitizing data. Today, MarTech tools can be flexibly adapted to the individual needs of your company. Your marketing becomes more efficient and work becomes more pleasant for everyone involved. MarTech can simplify complex processes and help you organize and create your content. MarTech can improve the impact of marketing campaigns and evaluate the success of marketing activities. And much more.

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How can MarTech consulting help you choose the right tools?

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There are now more than 10,000 MarTech tools of all kinds on the market. This includes technology such as project management tools, social media tools, SEO tools (search engine optimization), content management tools, performance analysis tools, customer relationship management tools and, and, and. There are also a number of hit lists promoting the supposedly best tools. It's quite difficult to keep track of everything. Or even to decide which tools actually suit the circumstances in your company and your marketing. Because that is probably the biggest hurdle: The new tools have to be harmonized with the existing systems, the processes in your company and the people who are supposed to work with them. Different processes in companies also require different solutions. Hit lists of the best MarTech tools are of little help here. This is especially true if you already have tools that you would like to combine with new or existing ones (e.g. via interfaces).

At the same time, your company faces the challenge of communicating with its customers at a growing number of touchpoints. For a consistent customer experience, you therefore need to understand your customers better - but at the same time, you need to prioritize the available resources wisely and align them with your marketing goals.

MarTech experts can help you to combine a toolset from the diverse technology landscape. With this so-called MarTech stack, you can discover untapped potential in your data, drive automation and optimize the customer experience both analogue and digital. Always keeping an eye on the cost-benefit ratio for your marketing.

What should you look for when choosing a partner for MarTech consulting?

The most important thing is that you look for a partner who acts neutrally and independently. MarTech consultancies that already have contracts with providers will naturally give priority to offering you the software of their contractual partners. It is equally important that the provider of MarTech consulting looks closely at the requirements in your company and knows your marketing goals before suggesting tools. This is the only way they can find the solutions that will really help your company.

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The process of MarTech consulting

Depending on the provider, the processes in MarTech consulting can of course vary. As a neutral, independent provider, we have found the following approach to be the most effective for our customers. This is how we proceed:

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In an initial workshop, on-site or digital, our MarTech consultants analyze your existing marketing IT infrastructure and content together with your experts. And we talk about your marketing goals and the status quo of your customer journey (analog and digital).


Based on the workshop results, we work with you to develop an individual strategy for your MarTech deployment. We tailor this to your customers and your marketing goals. To do this, we also structure your data and develop recommendations on how you can further improve data collection, data organization and data quality.


In line with your MarTech strategy, we design a tool landscape consisting of specialized technology for specific purposes or complex, integrated suites. If appropriate, we also integrate existing technologies or proprietary programming into your MarTech architecture.


If you wish, our MarTech experts will take care of the implementation of the selected tools, i.e. we will hand over ready-to-use solutions or support your team selectively as required.


After the go-live of your MarTech solution, our analytics experts will evaluate the performance of your marketing campaigns on request and give you ideas on how you can further optimize your strategy - for example, by means of personalization and automation.

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Our focus
in MarTech consulting is on:

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IT infrastructure

As a neutral MarTech partner, we select solutions independently from the offerings of leading providers and accompany you through the technological transformation, from the inventory of your tech stack to the roll-out.

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customer journey

Our MarTech consultancy always aims to optimise the quality of communication at all stages of the customer journey - with the right messages on the right channels.

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Performance Marketing

Our performance marketing specialists take your online marketing to the next level - away from gut feeling to data-driven communication with the help of data analytics.

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B2B e-commerce

We combine MarTech expertise with many years of know-how in B2B e-commerce and always include customer-oriented processes in sales and procurement when designing IT landscapes.

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Data automation

Whether it's analytics, content management, data maintenance or personalisation, our MarTech consultancy not only makes your marketing workflows more efficient, but also smarter.  

Our conclusion

If you're unsure about which tools fit your business and how to integrate them into the landscape you already have, it's better to bring a MarTech consultant on board. He or she can help you determine which tools are right for your business by carefully analyzing your company's circumstances and marketing goals. He will help you develop a well-integrated tech stack. The investment is worth it, as you can be sure not to invest in the wrong tools.

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