Performance marketing: measuring the success of marketing measures

Performance marketing: measuring the success of marketing measures

Are you reaching your desired customers and the goals for your company with your current marketing? Is the channel mix right, or does it make sense to redistribute the budget and optimize the measures in a campaign? Performance marketing - the supreme discipline in online marketing - provides the right answers. We'll show you how to use your data for a performance-oriented marketing strategy while keeping an eye on your goal. And how you can optimally align your marketing and your campaigns with the needs of your customers. Away from gut feeling and towards data-driven communication.

What exactly is performance marketing?

Performance marketing is the generic term for a strategy to make the success of online marketing measurable. The performance of each marketing activity and campaign is quantified using tracking tools and key performance indicators. Typical key performance indicators (KPIs) for the success of your marketing are, for example, click rate, number of impressions and interactions, reach, leads or conversions.

What advantages does performance marketing offer?

The biggest benefit of performance marketing is that you make your decisions based on valid data rather than gut feelings or personal experience. Because you can only find out what exactly moves your customers and how they act by taking a close look at their behavior toward your brand. With performance marketing, you can measure the impact of your brand, your campaigns and your marketing strategy transparently and in real time. You can then use the insights to adjust your measures. Whether it's search engine optimization (SEO) and advertising (SEA), ads, social media marketing or email marketing, you can see immediately which measures, channels and formats of your campaign are really resonating with your customers. You can optimize all parameters in short intervals and on the basis of valid information - for successful customer communication that pays off in terms of your marketing goals.

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The goals of performance marketing are:

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Marketing measures tailored to the target group

Marketing strategy

More successful marketing strategy

Investing the marketing budget unerringly

Investing the marketing budget unerringly

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Gaining new customers

Retaining existing customers

Retaining existing customers

Our proven process in performance marketing

We have already supported many of our customers in establishing performance marketing. After all, tracking and evaluating your customers' activities requires a certain level of expertise in tracking and data analytics. If you don't have this in-house, it makes sense to bring a partner on board.

In our work with our customers, a 4-step process has proven itself. This is how we proceed:

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The first step is to take a detailed inventory of your current (online) marketing activities. This involves gathering all relevant information about your existing data infrastructure, your current processes, campaigns, channels and touchpoints.


In the next step, we work with you to develop a strategy for aligning your online marketing campaigns with your marketing goals in an even more performance-oriented way. In this step, we also determine which KPIs can be used to measure performance and in which form the metrics required for this can be mapped in a tracking concept.


Now it's time for the technical implementation: We select suitable tools and design a "data hub" that brings together all the required data from the various sources.


We visualize KPIs on a performance marketing dashboard for meaningful success reporting. Together with you, we evaluate the results and find valuable starting points to continuously improve your strategy. You will learn how to better reach your customers with your communication measures.

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