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[nP]analytics makes the customer journey more transparent...

Marketing has changed significantly in recent years: The standardized mass approach has been replaced by individual customer communication up to a 1:1 dialogue. In order to play out the right offers at the right time via the right channel, companies must understand the needs of their customers better than ever before - and be able to react in real time.

[nP]analytics is a smart one-stop solution that brings together and correlates data from all phases of the customer journey, identifies patterns and turns them into valuable information. The evaluation of customer, market and product data from various online and offline sources thus provides a sound basis for decision-making for the development of targeted marketing strategies.

Target group identification
of data sources
end customer communication
Performance measurement
Adjustment &

... and your marketing more efficient

However, the services provided by netzwerk P go far beyond 360° data analysis: In our consulting, we interpret the information obtained and translate data into concrete marketing measures and recommendations for action.

  • Insights into interactions beyond touchpoints
  • More detailed insights into buyer behavior at the POS
  • Better comparability of POS locations
  • Understanding about the motivation of interested parties and buyers
  • New potentials for webshop strategies (top sellers, cross- and upselling etc.)
  • Fast evaluation of the campaign performance
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How can customer data change your marketing?

Almost everything in online marketing can be measured today. In order not to get lost in the KPI overload, it is important to identify the individually relevant key figures. Find out more about important KPIs and their role in data driven marketing in our white paper!

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