Performance marketing.
Measurable. Transparent. Key figure-based.

In the digital age, it's hard to imagine marketing without online campaigns. But are you reaching your desired customers and the goals for your company with your current marketing campaigns? Is the channel mix right or does it make sense to redistribute the budget and adjust the measures in a campaign? Performance marketing - the supreme discipline in online marketing - provides the right answers. We show you how to use your data for a performance-oriented marketing strategy without losing sight of your goal and how to optimally align your campaigns with the needs of your customers. Away from gut feeling to data-driven communication.

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Performance Marketing | Process

Sounds complicated? We support you in performance marketing and in achieving the goals for your brand with our proven process model.

1. initial situation

Our performance marketing experts
take a detailed inventory of your (online) marketing activities and compile all relevant information on your existing data infrastructure, your current processes, campaigns, channels and touchpoints.

2. performance marketing concept

In the next step, we develop a strategy on how we can align your online marketing campaigns even more performance-oriented to your marketing goals, which KPIs can be used to measure performance and how we can map the metrics required for this in a tracking concept. Of course, we can also support you in the operational playout of your campaigns.

3. tracking

Now it's time for the technical implementation: we select suitable tools and design a "data hub" that brings together all the necessary data from the various sources. If you want, we can take over the complete implementation or support your marketing team with our know-how.

4. performance measurement and optimisation

We visualise your KPIs on a performance marketing dashboard for meaningful success reporting. Together with you, we evaluate the results and find valuable starting points for a continuous improvement process of your strategy and communication measures to reach your customers.

Performance Marketing | Disciplines

Your success is our goal. Our focus in performance marketing is on:

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