Initial situation

Initial situation

Our customer, Daimler Truck AG, produces the sales literature for the three major Mercedes-Benz truck series in up to 28 languages every year. Prior to the start of production, the need for brochures in the respective national language was recorded by direct inquiry at the international sales locations and transferred to an Excel document, which was subsequently compiled into a list by the Daimler Truck AG headquarters. At the same time, the client's advertising agency created the design of the brochures, which was then converted into a CI-compliant format. The German texts from the master document were translated by the client's own translation department into the corresponding national language and then sent to the respective market as a view PDF for correction. In several time-consuming correction loops, the texts were coordinated, the order to the print shop was carried out and the dispatch was organised using Excel tables. The entire workflow was time-consuming and coordination-intensive due to the large number of procedures.

"The process of brochure creation could be made more efficient and secure by using the tools OrderFlow, StatusFlow and CheckFlow from netzwerk P The content is coordinated directly with the relevant markets using the tools developed by netzwerk P . At the same time, the responsible specialist department has access to all tools and can react promptly to queries or problems. This enabled us to shorten our timelines and realize savings".
Klaus Mader, Head of Marketing Communication Offline & Movie Mercedes-Benz Truck

Initial situation


In this project there were challenges at several points, which we gradually optimized with the customer. First and foremost was the manual entry of the international sales locations with the respective print runs and delivery addresses. For this purpose, we created a customized online tool (OrderFlow) for our customer, in which each participating market can order the corresponding advertising and marketing materials subdivided by campaign. The result of this process is a digitally generated list with the relevant information, without transmission errors and manual intervention.

A further optimization step was to make the translation process more efficient. For this purpose, the texts to be translated are directly coordinated with the participating countries via our CheckFlow tool. This ensures that all corrections are communicated centrally and can be tracked. With the help of the tool, the customer has direct access to the galley proofs and also the possibility to react directly in case of problems or delays. Timing is controlled by our StatusFlow system. All parties involved in the workflow have access to this system. Once the brochures are finished, they are sent to the countries via another service provider. Throughout the entire workflow, we link our tools via an enterprise resource planning system so that all relevant information (e.g. delivery dates, article numbers, web shop requirements, etc.) can be combined in one system and made available centrally. This enables the customer to check at any time where the goods are, in what quantity they are available and when new goods will arrive.

25 %
Relief of the marketing department
up to 8 weeks
Time saving
20 %
Cost saving of the total project volume

Initial situation


By linking the OrderFlow, StatusFlow and CheckFlow tools, the workload on projects can be reduced to a minimum. This allows complex processes to be implemented in a cost and time efficient manner. The customer is relieved, but still has full control over the project, as every step can be checked via the browser-based solutions. Within the scope of project management, we also support the cost-efficient awarding of the print job in order to guarantee the best quality at the most favourable price. In this area, we draw on years of experience in the field of advertising material and print production.

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