Initial situation

Initial situation

For our customer LBBW, we started developing a classic postal mailing to welcome all new customers of the Mercedes Credit Card Silver and Gold. The mailing contained brochures, general terms and conditions and other contractual documents and information. Due to changed requirements in the areas of climate change, cost pressure, and performance marketing, we developed an alternative and digital solution to implement this welcome mailing in a joint idea process.

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Initial situation


In order to modernize the existing process and, in the long term, to be able to make cost savings as well as number-driven optimizations, we designed an e-mailing. The entire software architecture was also initially set up. Through an automated system, the new Mercedes Credit Card new customers are now welcomed every day in a resource-efficient manner. Through enriched information and an individual display of the contents, relevant and appropriate information is sent for each customer. With this created infrastructure, we can further optimize this process in the future together with the Baden-Württembergische Bank and also move other topics into the digital world. Not only for the sake of the environment, but also for a more customer-specific approach with added value.

Cost saving
greater performance
ninety percent
Reduction of the CO2 footprint

Initial situation


By changing the process, not only were the existing resources used more sensibly and efficiently, but an optimal foundation for future optimization was also created. In addition, there is an enormous added value for the end customer, as he receives the notifications directly available and in future will only see information relevant to him. The content can also be exchanged and adapted very quickly, which offers many advantages over a classic mailing. The initial setup and implementation of the automation can result in cost savings of up to 60% in the running process. With regard to climate change, it also leads to a massively reduced CO2 footprint. Clearly readable figures can be obtained through analyses in order to continuously optimise the mailings in terms of customer benefit.

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