Initial situation

Initial situation

The existing DEKRA apps "Motorcycle" and "Mobile" were no longer up to date in terms of user experience and usability and were technically exhausted. For a meaningful continuation of both applications, they would have had to be completely redeveloped. In addition, the target groups of the two apps overlapped in some cases, so that the high financial cost of maintaining and operating two single-purpose apps did not justify continued operation.

"With netzwerk P as our partner, we managed to replace our existing motorcycle and mobile apps with a new, scalable app in an agile project process. With the DEKRA On Tour app we are well positioned for the future and offer our customers a more intuitive user experience. We were well advised during all project phases and look forward to another great collaboration!"
Ms. Knaupp, Marketing Manager Region Germany DEKRA

Initial situation


For DEKRA, we developed a new hybrid multi-purpose app for Android and IoS that bundles the most important functions of the two predecessor apps and now addresses both target groups.

Our approach: As part of a screening of customer feedback, we first identified the most important functions and problems of the two predecessor apps and supplemented DEKRA's existing requirements profile with the requirements from the customer feedback. In the fine concept development (UX and design), we presented all relevant functions in a prototype with a modern, scalable app layout. The coordination with the customer and the programming of the app took place in an agile setup of two-week sprints. Numerous test users checked the app in a subsequent testing phase, so that we could already make initial optimizations to the user experience based on a real target group.

Initial situation


The result is a modern app that enables DEKRA to centralize its target group approach and save costs by reducing it to one app. Users benefit from the most useful functions of the two predecessor apps in a bundled interface. The app is also scalable so that additional functions can be embedded as needed. In the future, for example, the app can be expanded to include the option of directly addressing customers, e.g. by displaying DEKRA-specific offers on the home screen. The app also provides a comprehensive evaluation of usage data, which is displayed in an intuitive analytics dashboard. This allows the success of the app to be measured and the app and content to be continuously developed on the basis of user feedback.

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