Initial situation

Initial situation

PERI's quality standards with regard to its promotional publications are very high. Therefore, the company has so far provided all country subsidiaries and sales teams with marketing material centrally via its in-house agency. Due to the increasing requirements in terms of the quantity of assets or forms of advertising needed, more local content and the frequent short-term nature of the requirements, PERI has been looking for new ways to enable the countries to make the adaptations independently and quickly - without losing quality.

Initial situation


Due to many similar tasks of other customers, we developed a modular standard product on the basis of which we were able to integrate PERI into their marketing intranet within a short time. Here, users can access a wide variety of templates for online and offline media and manage their already created configurations. In parallel, we worked out the required template functionalities with the marketing department and the in-house agency in workshops and trained the in-house agency in template creation. When designing templates, it is always important to focus on the future user. Here we were able to perfectly contribute our many years of experience in this field.

Initial situation


At the beginning of 2022, PERI independently trained the country teams. The new platform was well received and used from the beginning. In the first 6 months, more than 40 country subsidiaries used the system to create local content and created around 2,000 adaptations. The feedback from users has been consistently positive, so that the template types and communication media will be successively expanded. The local marketing and sales teams are now able to react quickly and independently to events and adapt communication media. The in-house agency has been relieved and can devote more time to designing new campaigns and strategic tasks.

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