Initial situation

Initial situation

For the central purchasing department of Daimler AG, we provide Mercedes-Benz advertising materials throughout the Group via a web shop. The assortment was determined on the basis of empirical values and assumptions. The sales figures were provided via semi-annual reporting. However, only limited information could be drawn from these figures. There was a lack of transparency and a clear presentation.

"In every digital project, data is generated. It becomes extremely exciting to extract information from data and develop clear recommendations for the customer."
Marc Becker, netzwerk P GmbH

Initial situation


A cross-departmental, central procurement of advertising materials with the help of a shop solution in conjunction with transparency and clear presentations as well as well-founded, data-based recommendations for optimization. A connection to the customer intranet enables simple and convenient procurement of advertising materials for thousands of users. An interlocked and automated ordering, logistics and billing process also simplifies the administrative effort. Based on various data sources, we develop individual recommendations for action for the individual webshop assortments with our analytics solution [nP]analytics.

Users in Germany
15 %
Streamlining of product range with unchanged sales

Initial situation


The order, assortment and inventory data is linked to our data warehouse. The collected data is subjected to data cleansing and structured. Our data scientists then analyze this processed data and identify patterns. From these patterns, we derive suggestions for assortment cleansing or optimization of production and inventory management. Based on this, clear recommendations for sales-supporting measures are developed and all relevant key figures are made available in an interactive dashboard in real time at a glance for measuring success.

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