Initial situation

Initial situation

We were given the task of creating comprehensive communications measures by our customer Mercedes-Benz AG for the 30th Mercedes-Benz JuniorCup to enable the visitors at the event to be generally well-informed and the waiting time for the event to be shortened. This encompassed all measures from accreditation through to the event brochure.

"How did I become a football fan? With the uncomplicated interaction between the customer and netzwerk P , you are automatically drawn into the maelstrom of the football world. In this very complex project, we were able to integrate all the classic as well as supplementary digital marketing measures, thus helping to make the event a success. Who can still escape the football enthusiasm here? A truly well-rounded project!
Petra Poe, netzwerk P GmbH

Initial situation


Be it the event poster, accreditation or programme brochure – from sale to post-production, design, production management to quality assurance – we put in place the entire management process for the communications measures. Furthermore, a digital information channel was utilised in addition to analogue advertising measures. Here, analogue touch points on print advertising material, such as the poster, provided the opportunity to get a JuniorCup Ticket via the Wallet app. Information and highlights could be read via the ticket before, during and after the tournament, meaning all football fans were always addressed in a targeted manner. The communications and interaction channel [nP]pocket was used for implementation here.

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Initial situation


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