Initial situation

Initial situation

Against the background of the constantly changing market and competitive environment due to Industry 4.0, globalisation and the digital transformation, it was important for LUKAS-ERZETT to understand the changed customer behaviour and to focus on this in product development as well as in marketing and sales. What moves the customers? What interests them? Above all, there was little transparency about the requirements and expectations of customers and their customer journey. A fundamentally strategically oriented customer experience management was missing, as was cross-functional cooperation between marketing and sales and thus the consideration of the customer journey from different perspectives.

"We want to understand even better what moves, interests and concerns our customers - now and in the future. The goal is a focused realignment of customer orientation."
Dr Marion Jilg, Head of Marketing LUKAS-ERZETT

Initial situation


In the completely remote project, we looked at the problem from two different angles: Inside-out - i.e. internally from within the company - and Outside-in, by obtaining the customer's perspective. First, a cross-functional team was set up internally at LUKAS-ERZETT, covering marketing, sales and IT in equal measure. With this team, we created a status quo customer journey in an initial customer journey workshop and identified white spots in processes, channels and tracking possibilities. In addition, a touchpoint analysis of all online interaction points was carried out. In a second workshop, the main focus was to find out who LUKAS-ERZETT's customers are, what their buying behaviour is, where they get their information and what their expectations, goals and emotions are. Personas were identified and corresponding profiles were drawn up. Subsequently, we conducted in-depth interviews with LUKAS-ERZETT customers in order to validate the profiles and thus obtain a fully comprehensive picture of the customers.

Initial situation


The result of our consultation was an optimisation roadmap for improving the customer experience and extensive transparency about the requirements of LUKAS-ERZETT's target groups. The results in detail: - Creation of a role-based collaboration model between marketing and sales - Identification and prioritisation of gaps in the current customer journey - Definition of personas and development of persona profiles - Enrichment of the findings through in-depth interviews with customers - Creation of a roadmap with cost indication for optimisation (performance marketing, campaign tracking, B2B e-commerce optimisation, MarTech optimisation) We accompany LUKAS-ERZETT in their journey to improve the customer experience in the long term and support them operationally in the implementation of the recommendations for action.

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