Initial situation

Initial situation

Different locations and user accesses to actions, multiple maintenance of master data and templates, fine-grained user authorizations that have to be managed manually in the actions, a system that has grown over the years and, in addition, a high support volume. Situations like those found in many companies.

"Work with the best standalone technical solutions, centralizing recurring data in the process, creating one place for your users to use and manage all solutions."
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Initial situation


Based on feedback from our support teams, we have developed a concept for our customer CRM Service/Comfort Actions of Mercedes-Benz AG on how to achieve a maximum efficiency level with a minimum support volume by centralizing their CRM actions, while at the same time significantly increasing the user experience for the dealer.

The concept of our marketing IT experts comprised three pillars. 1. synchronization of the complete sales structure: mapping of the sales structure (role & rights concept) in a central user database. 2 Integration: Various campaigns can be integrated independently of the technical basis and supplied with data from the portal. Participation is transferred directly to the address management via an interface and the playout channel is automatically supplied with the corresponding mailing addresses. 3. usability: a central asset management of letterheads, signatures, dealer logos etc. across all campaigns. Direct information of the merchant about the status of each campaign. Provision of reporting on performance and user activity.

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Initial situation


The implementation of the project, including the coordination and creation of all interfaces, took place within a period of only 6 months in an agile working method together with our customer and the IT involved. The result was a software solution that maps the individual processes of a corporate client and enables efficient planning and analysis of marketing measures, while representing a central knowledge database for all marketing managers and guaranteeing international collaboration on the most up-to-date data.

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