Initial situation

Initial situation

Truck Store – Used Trucks and Services byMercedes-Benz offers its customers used trucks and appropriate services at six sites in Germany. Suitable communication methods were sought in order to provide customers in the waiting and consulting areas of the stores with up-to-date information about the condition of used vehicles and attractive rental opportunities. Owing to the frequent changes to the product range, printed media was not an option. A digital solution had to be found.

Initial situation


A system whichengages customerswhile they wait and with which they can independently find out about the vehicles and rental conditions currently on offer. In addition, site-dependent information such as contact partners, traffic information and weather reports are displayed, thereby providing added value and interest. The digital touchscreen display stations have an interactive surface which enables the customer to browse what is on offer in the current vehicle range. The display stations can also be used by sales advisers as an additional tool during consultations. Furthermore, they facilitate access to the TruckStore Internet platform. Based on comprehensive analysis of the initial situation and definition of requirements, netzwerk P carried out market research independent of manufacturer in order to identify the best possible combination of hardware and software components.

Scalability of the system to be introduced was an important point here to facilitate expansion to all of the sites in Europe at a later date. Alongside installation of the hardware, we also took over transmission of up-to-date content to the display stations. netzwerk P also generated content, e.g. animated advertisements. These were additionally augmented with existing marketing material, such as up-to-date product films. The [nP]vision digital signage concept for TruckStore thus enables centralised transmission of uniform as well as individual content to all six TruckStore sites in Germany. The system is designed such that expansion to all European sites can be achieved hassle-free .


Initial situation


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