Initial situation

Initial situation

Our customer Mercedes-Benz AG, like many brand manufacturers, faces the challenge that customer loyalty towards authorised workshops decreases as vehicle age increases. This target group should be re-engaged with a customer recovery campaign in the form of a voucher scheme. In doing so, the individual services and the individual image of the relevant company should also be considered, along with the communication channel required by the customer.

"Transforming creative concepts into automated marketing communication campaigns is a challenge. Our recommendation: Involve all partners early on."
Manuel Kohler, netzwerk P GmbH

Initial situation


A comprehensive package comprising the expertise of our CRM experts, concept development by our digital consultants, implementation of digital solutions for end-customer communication, incl. the entire IT infrastructure, as well as our well-founded knowledge of content automation and, of course, the tools with which to analyse the measures. In detail: Implementation of a B2B configuration solution, which enables the implementation, inspection and approval of personalisation of print and electronic communications by participating retailers, including selection of the relevant advertised services. Project supervision and automated production of embossed and high-quality refined printed communications, personalised to each retailer. End customers who prefer analogue communication receive this. The handover of the electronic communications template configured by the retailer to the customer's own CRM system in order to send e-mails to customers who prefer digital communication, as well as creating the concept of and implementing a landing page.

The end customers are informed about the campaign, can distribute a maximum voucher value for their workshop's services and, finally, can generate, download or e-mail their personalised vouchers. Depending on the communication medium, the landing page can be reached via a personal QR code or a call-to-action button. Implementation of retailer campaign management, where the retailers in their relevant organisation's network can view, manage and deactivate all their vouchers. Our tools for analysis deliver valid statements regarding sent communications, bounces, selected services, regional distribution and much more, and thereby highlight the success of the measure. The entirety of project supervision including coordination of the customer's own IT interfaces and other service providers, such as the letter shop, comes from a single source.

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Initial situation


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