Initial situation

Initial situation

The already existing specialist dealer portal was extended by a platform. This platform is intended to support the specialist dealer in his daily work and is always filled with up-to-date content. The requirement was to create a platform that could be maintained so that even employees without a deep technical understanding could easily update the content.

"For me, the cooperation with STIHL is a prime example of partnership in achieving goals. Together we develop new ways and optimizations to continuously improve the information platform."
Marius Hetterich, netzwerk P GmbH

Initial situation


The prerequisites and requirements for the internal specialist dealer portal were worked out in a kick-off meeting. It was agreed that the platform should not be static, but should be continuously developed and adapted to the requirements of the market and specialist dealers. The CI guidelines were adapted and transferred to a user-friendly layout. Through connections to other services and optimized user transfer, all important information is to be bundled and played out centrally, always with the aim of providing the best possible user experience and easy access to information. The backend should be easy to understand and intuitively maintain, so that even employees without IT knowledge can easily work with the system.

Initial situation


Based on joint evaluations with the customer, recommendations and optimizations were derived, which could be implemented quickly and individually due to the highest possible flexibility through in-house programming. With its own backend with a user-friendly interface and an attractive frontend, the platform is accepted both internally and externally without hesitation. In close coordination with the customer, the platform foundation for successful direct sales is being laid for the specialist trade in the future.

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