Initial situation

Initial situation

Our customer, Daimler Truck AG, set itself the objective of reducing this expenditure by introducing an individually programmed software solution and modelling the processes digitally according to the corporation's requirements. To this end, a rough requirement profile for a pitch to several software providers and consultants was arranged.

"A good software solution adapts to your processes. However, existing processes must be questioned in advance in order to achieve an optimal result".
Manuel Kohler, netzwerk P GmbH

Initial situation


In the pitch, we highlighted our expertise in implementing international marketing measures and presented two possible solution scenarios: On the one hand, individual programming as requested; and on the other, customisation of an existing software solution to suit the customer's processes and requirements, as well as the implications for implementation time, budget, capacity for updates, etc. We were able to win the pitch with our knowledge, as well as by demonstrating alternative solutions.

In a first workshop, we reviewed and discussed the current manual planning process in detail. This resulted, amongst other things, in a concept from required data fields, a user journey for the individual roles and a workflow definition via processes. Our scrum master derived the individual tasks for our software development partner from the concept. Using agile working methods, we coordinated the implemented tasks in the test system. Our digital experts were always present to transform the interface and customer requirements into programming requirements, and to make the technical details more understandable for marketing managers. We were also there to support the international roll-out of the software solution, from the creation of the handbook through to the web session we led to demonstrate the software functions and clarify questions from users. What's more, we are taking over technical support and developing concepts and features from user requirements in order to further develop the system.

Markets and their marketing managers
Local currencies for budget planning
Marketing channels
Marketing instruments managed in a tool

Initial situation


A software solution that models the individual processes of a corporate customer and facilitates efficient planning and analysis of marketing measures. To do so, a central knowledge database for all marketing managers was created and international collaboration on up-to-date data facilitated.

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