Initial situation

Initial situation

Schweihofer Forst-, Garten- und Kommunaltechnik is an owner-operated dealer for power tools that exclusively offers STIHL products. In addition to the products, the focus and added value is on expert knowledge that is passed on to customers in the form of maintenance, advice and courses. Therefore, it was also defined from the outset that precisely these added values must be clearly emphasised. In recent years, Schweihofer has grown rapidly and now has three state-of-the-art locations between Augsburg and Nuremberg. Due to the rapid growth, some working methods have become very outdated and are currently not optimal due to spontaneous adjustments. Schweihofer is aware that the future at the POS must also increasingly merge with digital solutions and has already built up very good basic knowledge here internally.

"netzwerk P advised us on our new e-commerce strategy from the very beginning and implemented it for us. Through the division into phases and a concrete vision, we have the optimal basis for long-term growth. We look forward to further cooperation."
Winfried Schweihofer, Owner

Initial situation


In a workshop, we defined three phases through the analysis of the processes that will form the framework for building and scaling the online business. Due to the scaling and with a view to future viability, the webshop was built on the basis of Shopify®. The templates and product pages were adapted by us and then filled with the prepared data accordingly. The shop's functionality was expanded and improved through selected plug-ins. In particular, an optimised search function should make it easier for end users to find the right product. The customer can then decide whether he wants to pick up his desired appliance fully assembled at the point of sale or whether it will be sent to his home.

With Shopify® as the shop system, Schweihofer is not only optimally positioned for the digital customer experience, but a solid foundation has also been laid for the planned online marketing expansion. This could already be seen in the very strong Google visibility growth in the first few months after the go-live. Links with Facebook, Instagram, a newsletter tool and various other extensions will follow in the future. As lively as it will hopefully soon be at the customer's POS again, so lively and dynamic will it now be digitally at the Schweihofer company.

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Initial situation


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